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Egypt Property Law offers a range of services but our two most popular are in helping clients purchase property in Egypt, and assisting in the making of an Egyptian will. See below for more details.

Purchasing property in Egypt

Egyptian Property Law will perform the following services for you.

  • Check all the original documents of the developer to ensure building licence and land permissions have been granted by the Egyptian authorities.
  • Check that the contract of property you are purchasing is correct in Arabic/ English and amend any mistakes.
  • Negotiate with the developer if required to ensure the contract is in your interest to sign.
  • Go to court on your behalf to obtain a certificate for the property from the government, stating that there are no mortgages, pledges, or any other sort of rights arranged to any other party on the desired property.
  • Registrar in the notary office your sale contract, as a deed, and a proof of you owning the property.
  • Taking you to get residency and giving me, YOUR LAWYER power of attorney to act on your behalf to finalize the purchase of your property (residency visa costs 152.00 EGP per person and the power of attorney paper costs 60.00 EGP both of which are not included in the fee).
  • Also included in the property purchase fee is the court fee.
  • Advise you of any taxes issues.
  • Finalize in court the signature of validity.
  • Register your property in full if applicable*
  • *Cost of signature of validity is maximum 2,000LE and is not included in my fee.

Legal service fees

  • Freehold property is 5,000 LE*
  • Usufruct property is 6,500 LE*
  • *Cost of signature of validity is maximum 2,000LE and is not included in my fee.

Payment terms

  • Payment terms are 50% of the fee on instruction
  • 50% payment at the end of the process when the job is completed

Egyptian will service

A Egyptian will is a very important document and needs to follow strict guidelines.

  • I will instruct you how to layout your will.
  • This will must be written in your own hand.
  • My office will keep a copy of this will.
  • If you are buying property and it is mentioned in your will, once your property has been notarized at court and a green contract received, I will translate your will into Arabic
  • My office will continue to keep a copy and will assist your relatives if and when the time comes to action the will

Egyptian will service fees

  • The fee for my services 1700.00LE
  • Payment terms- payment in full when will is first written

If you have any questions or require more information, please get in touch. We are always happy to help. Call 002 010 370 2983 or email via our contact form

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